The Daimler Art Collection in South Africa I

Comtemporary Art from the Daimler Art Collection – A Comprehensive Portrait of the Collection

March 21st — June 27th 2004
Pretoria Art Museum
Schoeman Str
Pretoria 0007
Republic of South Africa
Tel.: 0027/(0)12.3441807

Daimler AG owns one of the world’s most prestigious art collections. The company is sending a selection of about 200 of its most important works, from Josef Albers via Andy Warhol to Sylvie Fleury, on a world tour. Including South Africa in the Daimler Art Collection world tour indicates both Daimler AG’s close links with South Africa and the country’s international importance.

The Daimler Art Collection’s concept for South Africa goes well beyond traditional collection presentation: South Africa has never seen works of art from the movements mentioned on this scale and at this international standard. The exhibits have been specially assembled and presented to give visitors a tour of the last 50 years of international art history. But the major feature of this project is that the whole exhibition will be introduced and accompanied by an educational program for schools and universities. Educational aims and concepts for use with the schools and universities during the exhibition period are already being worked out in advance, in close co-operation with the South African institutions.

The Daimler Art Collection has come into being over the last 25 years. It started with an interest in the art of south-western Germany, and has established itself as one of the most important international corporate collections as it has grown. The Daimler Art Collection reflects the most important developments in 20th century abstract art, starting with prestigious groups of work from the Concrete and Constructive Art, European ZERO movement, Minimalism and Concept Art movements, then moving on to the most recent international trends in abstract art. Separate parts of the collection are dedicated to car related art, contemporary South African art and new media. Selected artists are being and have been commissioned to devise groups of work (including Andy Warhol and Robert Longo, for example). The collection includes all genres of modern art, painting, works on paper, sculpture, installations, photography and video.


Further exhibition venue:

Museum Africa, Johannesburg/Newtown

Mar 21 – July 4, 2004


  • Isabell Heimerdinger
  • Doug Aitken
  • Josef Albers
  • Jane Alexander
  • Ian Anüll
  • Are You Meaning Company
  • John M Armleder
  • Richard Artschwager
  • Willi Baumeister
  • Max Bill
  • Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié
  • Daniele Buetti
  • Daniel Buren
  • Mbongeni Buthelezi
  • Hartmut Böhm
  • André Cadere
  • Enrico Castellani
  • Dadamaino
  • Hanne Darboven
  • Tacita Dean
  • Cor Dera
  • Gia Edzgveradze
  • Ulrich Erben
  • Ulrike Flaig
  • Sylvie Fleury
  • Andrea Fraser
  • Günter Fruhtrunk
  • Rupprecht Geiger
  • Kuno Gonschior
  • Camille Graeser
  • HAP Grieshaber
  • Thea Gvetadze
  • Kay Hassan
  • Sandra Hastenteufel
  • Jan Henderikse
  • David Hockney
  • Oskar Holweck
  • Gottfried Honegger
  • Markus Huemer
  • Takehito Koganezawa
  • David Koloane
  • Joseph Kosuth
  • Patricia London Ante Paris
  • Robert Longo
  • Vera Lossau
  • Gerold Miller
  • François Morellet
  • Kirsten Mosher
  • Olivier Mosset
  • Zwelethu Mthethwa
  • John Nixon
  • Herbert Oehm
  • Giulio Paolini
  • Philippe Parreno
  • Henk Peeters
  • Charlotte Posenenske
  • Lothar Quinte
  • Martial Raysse
  • Eva-Maria Reiner
  • Robert Ryman
  • Karin Sander
  • Pietro Sanguineti
  • Eckhard Schene
  • Oskar Schlemmer
  • Claudette Schreuders
  • Berni Searle
  • Roman Signer
  • Jesús Rafael Soto
  • Klaus Staudt
  • Katja Strunz
  • Beate Terfloth
  • Jean Tinguely
  • Jef Verheyen
  • Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart
  • Franz Erhard Walther
  • Andy Warhol
  • Simone Westerwinter
  • Ben Willikens
  • Georg Winter
  • Andrea Zittel
  • Auke de Vries




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