• rbb Kulturradio in conversation with Artist Gerwald Rockenschaub about his Show at Daimler Contemporary, Berlin

    In an exciting interview by the rbb Kulturradio, journalist Michaela Gericke talks to artist Gerwald Rockenschaub about his latest exhibition “Sound on the 4th Floor” at Daimler Contemporary, which he arranged and compiled. “He was a star in the US, hyped because of his painting, he was a Documenta participant, and he deliberately decided as a painter to […]

  • Oskar Schlemmer and the Bauhaus – five loans on view at the Ducal Museum in Gotha

    Oskar Schlemmer (1888 – 1943) is one of the most versatile artists the modern world has known. He worked as a painter, draughtsman, graphic artist, sculptor, stage designer, and muralist, choreographed dance projects, and was also an author. In all of these different forms of artistic expression, one substantive aspect of his creativity is central: […]

  • Exhibition ‘Evoking Reality’ reviewed in Kunstforum International

    In the issue No.260, May/June 2019 of the journal Kunstforum International, critic Ingo Arend discusses the last exhibition ‘Evoking Reality’ at Daimler Contemporary and praises the group exhibition of contemporary photography and video art as ‘an exhibition that is both intelligently and subtly curated’. “‘Evoking Reality’ is a show that is both intelligent and subtly […]

  • Ten works from the Daimler Art Collection on view at “Negative Space” at ZKM in Karlsruhe

    We are happy to support the show “Negative Space. Sculpture and Installation Art from 20./21. Century” at ZKM in Karlsruhe with ten works from the Daimler Art Collection. On the basis of more than 200 groundbraking artistic positions, that develop new approaches to sculpture through methods and models of abstraction, construction and non-obejctivity, various references […]

  • Installation of a new light-sculpture by Albert Weis

    We are happy to announce that a new commissioned work by German Artist Albert Weis has been installed in the foyer of the new Daimler Executive Board building in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim. The sculpture parts, 2019, refers directly to the form of the polyhedron in Albrecht Dürer’s engraving Melencolia I from 1514, one of the first depictions […]


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