Light in/as Image

Light as a visual art topic, object and artistic installations from 1950 up to today.
50 artists presenting around 80 works of art from the Daimler Art Collection.

until December 9th 2019
Opening: Friday, April 13, 2018, 6.30 p.m.

Following on from their experiments with light, movement and technical image design in the 1910s and 1920s, the representatives of the European Zero avant-garde incorporated light in singularly different ways into their paintings, installation art and sculptures. Artists from the cultural centers of Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Paris and Milan used refracting grids, reflections, mirrored light, rotating lamps and kinetic light objects. In parallel to this painters in the abstract lyrical reduced style of painting worked on the interweaving of light and artistic space in their graphical works and painting. In the 1970s and 1980s the field was expanded to include neon objects, abstract monitor images, conceptual light direction or temporary installations in public spaces and in nature. This wide spectrum and experimental approach can be seen in contemporary international art. Here highly individual solutions and use of contemporary technologies come into Play. Around 50 artists from 15 different countries and 80 works of art between 1950 and today make up the exhibitions.

Curator: Renate Wiehager



  • Absalon
  • Yaacov Agam
  • Leonor Antunes
  • John M Armleder
  • Anna Beurer
  • Madeleine Boschan
  • Martin Boyce
  • Erdmut Bramke
  • Ian Burn
  • Cody Choi
  • Ulrich Erben
  • Sergio Fermariello
  • Ossi Fink
  • Sylvie Fleury
  • Karl Gerstner
  • Walter Giers
  • Martin Gostner
  • Konstantin Grcic
  • Jan Henderikse
  • Georg Herold
  • Albert Hien
  • Peter Holl
  • Isaac Julien
  • Kazuo Katase
  • Fritz Klemm
  • Sylvan Lionni
  • George Henry Longly
  • Heinz Mack
  • Marty McElveen
  • Christian Megert
  • François Morellet
  • Walter Niedermayr
  • Isamu Noguchi
  • Philippe Parreno
  • Helga Philipp
  • Ascan Pinckernelle
  • Justin Ponmany
  • Lothar Quinte
  • Robert Rauschenberg
  • Martial Raysse
  • Tobias Rehberger
  • Anselm Reyle
  • Gerrit Rietveld
  • Christian Roeckenschuss
  • Elham Rokni
  • Rüdiger Tamschick
  • Pietro Sanguineti
  • Günter Scharein
  • Oskar Schmidt
  • Klaus Staudt
  • Jef Verheyen
  • Michael Wesely
  • Ben Willikens

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