Last Night’s Fortune Teller

Third part of an exhibition series with new acquisitions of Chinese and international contemporary art

until May 13th 2018
Opening: Saturday, November 25, 2017, 1:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Daimler Contemporary Berlin
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‘Last Night’s Fortune Teller’ is the final part of a three-part exhibition series organized by the Daimler Art Collection to show its new acquisitions of contemporary Chinese and international art. The newly acquired artworks have been presented to the public in Berlin and Stuttgart. During the course of the exhibitions it has become clear that the works by the Chinese artists relate to a number of key themes in the Daimler Art Collection, including trends in abstract and conceptual art and new media forms. However, at the same time these artworks represent an entirely new and distinctive mix within the organic structure of the collection in both cultural and aesthetic terms. The Daimler Art Collection’s acquisition policy has focused on artists from centers such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong province, and Hong Kong. The collection’s forward-looking acquisition strategy, accompanied by in-depth local research, has enabled it to purchase key works by well-known international artists, but also pieces by members of the younger generation of artists (born around 1980) who are not yet widely known in Germany. Overall the works provide insight into a nation which is the subject of enthralling and controversial debates and which will play a critical role on the global stage in the 21st century, not only because of its classical traditions, but also because of its rapid economic and cultural growth.

Like its predecessors, the current exhibition ‘Last Night’s Fortune Teller’ presents different aspects of German, Chinese, and international art. The exhibition has deliberately distanced itself from an interpretation of the works based only on the country or cultural group from which they originate, with the aim of focusing visitors’ attention on the questions inherent in the pieces. The first part of the exhibition series ‘From a Poem to the Sunset’ (Daimler Contemporary, Berlin, 2015) focused primarily on installations and video artworks and presented the conceptual approaches of contemporary Chinese art. In the second part ‘On Curbstone Jewels and Cobblestones’ (Daimler Contemporary, Berlin, 2015/16), the overall theme was photographic and sculptural works. ‘Last Night’s Fortune Teller’ returns to the dialogs and contrasts between the pieces on show. The focus in this latest exhibition is on sculptures and installations, together with works at the intersections between painting, photography, and video art. There is no overall thematic grouping.

Curated by Christian Ganzenberg and Renate Wiehager.




  • Saturday November 25th 2017
    Daimler Contemporary Berlin
    Exhibition Opening
    As part of the all-day opening, there will be short guided tours every hour:
    2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m, 4:00 p.m. (curator’s tour, English), 5:00 p.m. (curator’s tour), 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m.
    There is no registration required.
  • Saturday December 16th 2017
    Daimler Contemporary Berlin
    Guided Tour - The Historical Space of Imagination
    Guillaume Bijl Haris Epaminonda, Iman Issa
    Everyday finds are collected and removed from their usual use value through artistic and aesthetic processes in many of the works in the exhibition. The works, which are thematized in the tour, range from tragicomic ‘Composition Trouvées’ (Bijl), installation memory spaces (Epaminonda) and sculptural objects of remembrance (Issa). All works allow a kaleidoscopic view that replaces given contents with a variety of meanings.
    There is no registration required. English language.
  • Saturday January 6th 2018
    Daimler Contemporary Berlin
    Guided Tour - In the Transition Zone of the Medium
    Ulrich Erben, José Heerkens, Monika Brandmeier, Michael Sayles
    For the artists Ulrich Erben, José Heerkens, Monika Brandmeier, and Michael Sayles, the material is thematic foreground.
    The handling of color, light and material is rethought through the combination of different media such as drawing, painting and sculpture. The works question the relationship between readable form and materiality, abstraction, and content. This tour is dedicated to this field of tension.
    There is no registration required. English language.

  • Saturday January 27th 2018
    Daimler Contemporary Berlin
    Guided Tour - The Promise of Tomorrow
    Sylvie Fleury, Simone Westerwinter, Yu Honglei, Patrick Fabian Panetta
    Through artistic appropriation, artists refer to works and objects from spheres of culture which are defined and categorized by public and personal inscriptions. Sylvie Fleury and Simone Westerwinter question the socially attributed gender roles through references to art history and consumption; in Yu Honglei's installations, individual and cultural contexts are presented and negated at the same time by focusing on the fragility of personal memories; With his conceptual work Proxy Affairs, Patrick Panetta leads the forms of of a collection’s presentation to the brink of absurdity.
    There is no registration required. English language.




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