Liam Gillick
Provisional Bar Floor/Ceiling, 2004

Liam Gillick has been making a name for himself with sculptures, spatial installations, films, scripts and stage plays since the early 1990s. While the artist engages in a dialogue with the 20th-century abstract avant-garde in formal terms, his works always relate to historical or up-to-date political themes in terms of their content. Gillick’s architectural floor object Provisional Bar Floor/Ceiling, 2004, made of pallets with different color strips, is a continuation of his spatial objects which he calls ‘screens’. These mark places within defined spaces, which the onlooker can use as a kind of visual discussion platform. Gillick plays with the demarcations between abstract pictorial nature and concrete three-dimensionality which always broaches the human being’s scope of language, thought and action.

Verwandte Werke

abstrakt 72 Werke

Peter Halley
Mixed Grid Painting / Wallpaper, 2003
Acryl- und Metallacrylfarbe, Roll-a-tex auf Leinwand, Digitaldruck auf Wand

In-situ 4 Werke

Peter Halley
Mixed Grid Painting / Wallpaper, 2003
Acryl- und Metallacrylfarbe, Roll-a-tex auf Leinwand, Digitaldruck auf Wand
Nic Hess
König Gerrit, 2007
Holz, Klebeband, Aufl. 2/3

Konzeptkunst 98 Werke

Haris Epaminonda
Untitled #4 t/f, 2014
Pastellone in gebrochenem Weiß, frei stehende Eisenstruktur, Metallrahmen
Haris Epaminonda
Untitled #06 o/g, 2012
Vier chinesische Porzellanobjekte, Metallvitrine mit Holzboden und Glashaube

Minimal Art 32 Werke

Alan Uglow
Twelve Standards Leaning [Zwölf Standards lehnend], 1994
Siebdruck auf Papier

New York 28 Werke

Ugo Rondinone
Acrylic on canvas
Hanne Darboven
Konstruktionen New York, 1966
Single sheet, ball-point pen, pencil on paper, impression underneath cardboard
Wrapped Woman (Project of Pennsylvania), 1968
Graphite, chalk on paper

Skulptur 75 Werke

Georg Winter
Psychotektonische Prozesse: Black Out, 2013
Mixed Media
Martin Boyce
A Forest (I), 2009
Pulverbeschichtetes Aluminium, Stahlkette, elektronische Komponenten


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